Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Open source digital signage

Today's the day we officially launch our digital signage system. When I say our, I mean the one given to the school by the amazing 16 year old who built it for us out of open source components. It runs on the Xibo open source digital signage system (which only requires an Apache server) and pulls in an RSS feed from our notices forum in Moodle. So if you post a notice to the intranet forum, 5 minutes later, your message is on 42" plasma screens around the school automatically. All the school had to do was buy the hardware and provide a little bit of space on our virtual server to host the system. The design for the background was done by another of our students who is on a work experience placement at a graphic designers. I tell you, these kids are so clever it's humbling.


  1. Hi, I am one of the developers for Xibo and am really pleased to see that Xibo has been found and set up by one of the kids at your school!

    This is exactly the sort of project we designed and built Xibo to be involved in.

    By the way - the screen looks great!

  2. Hi there,

    we're considering running Xibo for a digital signage project ourselves. We're a secondary school in Australia.

    If you don't mind me asking - In your implementation, who updates the content, and by what method? We found the Xibo interface a bit much for standard users to work with.


  3. Hi System Administrivia,
    We bring content via an RSS feed from our intranet news forum so the updating of content happens automatically. It means that when a new item is posted to the forum, it's on the screens within 5 minutes without any having to do anything.
    The photos and videos are updated manually using the Xibo interface but we don't update those as often as the notices.
    Good luck!!!

  4. I'm just reading this now, but BRAVO! You've got some smart kids there. Tell them to call me when they graduate college!


  5. This is a bit funny, im doing the same thing for my school and im only 17... fun times..

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