Sunday, February 14, 2010

Summer reading...

When I'm not learning to be a father, I try to read as much as I can (which falls short of as much as I'd like to). One of Koha's cool features is the ability to create and share lists. Here's a quick list called 'Mark's Favourite Books' which I'll continue to update. Happy reading...


  1. Is your district using Koha? If so I wonder how the data migration went? and if you are using self checkout?

  2. Hello Jonathan,
    Yes we use Koha here: and it's great. We didn't have to migrate as ours is a new library, but I've spoken to people who have run data migrations for large libraries and it's quite straightforward. Most modern catalogues support the MARC standard, so there is a common format for import/export. What gets a bit tricky is the circulation and patron data as most proprietary systems have strange and interesting ways to store this. The good news is that many libraries have moved to Koha from a wide range of proprietary systems and, being an open source project, a lot of these learnings (data mapping, scripts etc.) are available for others to use. So if you've currently got a library catalogue that someone else has migrated to Koha, the hard work has been done.
    We're in the process of setting up our self-check machine. Koha fully supports the 'kiosk mode' required for self-check. I'm really looking forward to it!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey and info. Your story will help the process along.