Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Exciting Mahara news

Out this week from the Mahara community: two new features that should prove extremely popular with e-portfolio users:
  • Collections: a handy way of grouping a number of pages together and providing a way of navigating through them. Think of having three separate pages for the different phases of a project: proposal, progress and product. Or of having a different view for each subject you are learning. Collections are also a way to give the same access to a number of views at once.
  • Plans: "Plans are essentially task lists that allow you to formulate a goal (the plan) and spell out the individual steps (the tasks) you need to take – optionally by a certain date – to reach your goal."
Both of these features our school could start using tomorrow- really exciting news. Well done the Mahara community, and thanks to Birmingham City University for sponsoring the work.


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  2. Hi Mark
    I am doing research for my CATE conference talk on the use of ICT in my career practice. I found you because I am following up on my open source programmes ( the foucs of my presentation) in twitter and I still had your address from releieving last year in my contacts! It is great to see how much work you have done here!! Thanks Tia Greenstreet