Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another open source school

Here's a great story: The Open High School of Utah. Not only do they using open source software, they also use open courseware. All of their courses are released as Moodle packages under a creative commons licence at the end of each year, covering both sides of the free tools and free content equation. One of the drivers behind this project is David Wiley whose TEDx talk is inspirational. One of the teachers at this school says "I can't imagine going back to copyrighted material after using open source". I know what she means.


  1. What "Open Source" software are they using? The video mentions some apps and some SaaS (e.g. Moodle) but most schools are using some OSS. Are they using GNU/Linux? I can't find anything on their website that talks of GNU/Linux and unless I'm wrong, it looked like one of the teachers in the video was using Mac. Putting aside their impressive progress with open content, this hardly makes them an Open Source school.

    It's unfortunate that the term "Open Source" is being used to describe copyrighted works other than software as this is confusing. But hey, kudos to them in other "open" areas.

  2. is the organization who produced the video, hence the "Open Source goes to high school" title. Open HS of Utah's focus is on creating curriculum composed of open educational resources and releasing it for public consumption. Gnuosphere is correct; we aren't (and don't claim to be) an "Open Source" school.

    Albany Senior HS looks impressive and I'm excited to learn more about it.

    DeLaina Tonks
    Open HS of Utah

  3. Thanks for the clarification DeLaina. I just received confirmation from the school that they issue laptops running Windows 7. Again, congratulations on the progress Open HS of Utah has made in regard to curriculum. Would love to see them bring Free software operating systems to the students. Imagine that!

    Perhaps technology classes would be a good place to start...

  4. Is there currently a list of Open Source Schools? I live in Massachusetts looking for an open source school here, but have not found any in my area. Are you aware of any? How difficult is it to start an Open Source School? How much capital is needed?
    Thank you