Saturday, May 28, 2011

Open mobile learning

I'm totally convinced about a couple of things regarding mobile phones: that I can't be without mine for very long before suffering withdrawal symptoms, and they are going to be the main way we access learning within a few years. As a result I've decided I'm going to be blogging a bit more about mobile devices and their uses within schools as we explore their use more and more. Like most things I prefer free and open (and therefore lean toward Android as an OS) but I can see that the way we use m-learning in future will probably call on the strengths of Android, iOS (and possibly even Windows 7 for Phones). Stay tuned for more info about how ASHS is using mobile phones and tablets.


  1. Mark, please make sure you cover off what the students want or how they would like to use their phones for learning. Those of us who invest in or influence the direction of services need to hear from the learners.

    Looking forward to the "more info".


  2. Where is the updated post? Stay tuned for more info about how ASHS is using mobile phones and tablet? Its amazing when you click on one of your twitter favourites and check back to what was going on way back when.

  3. oneteachersview: Fair point. You've shamed me into finishing a half-done post. Read more here about WikitudeAR and how a history class has used it at our school:
    Yes, it is fascinating to read back through 12 or 24 months worth of progress in this area to see how far we've come. Exciting business to be in!!!