Monday, September 12, 2011

Moodle and the pedagogical progression

At the NZ Moodlemoot recently, Martin Dougiamas used a slide in his presentation that was entitled 'Pedagogical Progression' It's a list of online/blended learning activities in the form of a progression or taxonomy, but it's also a really good checklist for the way we use online learning environments. How much time do you spend on the first three activities? Martin estimates about 90%.
  1. Publish content (pages, SCORM, video, audio)
  2. Assess via quizzes and assignments
  3. Provide a passive forum
  4. Wikis, glossaries, databases (collaboration/media)
  5. Facilitate discussions in the forum. Questions!
  6. Combine activities into sequences
  7. Introduce external sites, activities, games, networks.
  8. Use survey tools and log to study/reflect
  9. Give students more power (structure/grades)
  10. Research, custom code, communities of practice.

Also at the Moodlemoot, Stuart Mealor announced the launch of , a site that hosts (free of charge) teachers and learners using Moodle courses. The one catch is that the course must be free for anyone to enrol in and use. Sound like a good deal to me, and I'm going to be uploading some of my courses over the coming weeks.

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