Friday, October 25, 2013

UFRaw | raw image editor

"UFRaw (which stands for Unidentified Flying Raw) is an application which can read and manipulate photographs in raw image formats, as created by many digital cameras. UFRaw used to be available both as a stand-alone program and as a GIMP plugin. However, since UFRaw-0.19, the GIMP plugin is no longer officially supported. As a stand-alone program, UFRaw can be invoked with a graphical interface, or as a command line batch processing utility.[1] UFRaw reads raw images, using dcraw as a back end, and supports color management via LittleCMS, allowing the user to apply input, output, and display color profiles (see also Linux color management). Thanks to dcraw's versatility, UFRaw supports nearly all of the numerous raw image formats used by digital camera manufacturers." [1]

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