Sunday, July 1, 2012

Make Space: Tools

Make Space is a book about space and how it is used for learning. It's organised along five themes:

  • Tools (useful things that fill up a space)
  • Situations (quick, repeatable configurations or patterns)
  • Design template (breakdown of the elements at play in a space, or the game behind the game)
  • Space studies (first person dispatches from the front lines of space design), and
  • Insights (kernels of understanding we've discovered through our 'trials and errors')
Here are some of the great tools from the book:
Transit trolley where the G clamps holding it
together form handles

Rear projection screens
Bar clamps with eyelets used to hang displays from.

Modified clothes rack becomes a 'z rack' or
mobile whiteboard / screen /divider.

Hanging screens could be combined with suction
cups/plungers to be affixed to  walls/windows etc.

Portable 'scoop stool' screen

T-walls for portable display space.

T walls in different configurations
can create many different spaces.

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