Thursday, October 27, 2011

Google+ comes to Google Apps

I don't think Google+ is a Facebook killer just yet, but if it can crack social networking for organisations, it'll take a big step in that direction. Facebook's strength lies in it's ability to connect individuals, but it doesn't do a good job of coping with our complex, context-based social interactions. Depending on whether I'm in a work or family context, or talking geek or sport stuff, I'm a slightly different version of myself. It makes sense that whatever social networking tool I use reflects this kind of nuanced approach to my personality and I think Google+ has the making of this with it's circles. That's why I think it's a better fit for business and organisations than Facebook. Being able to share a link with my organisation and my geek friend but not my family, or family and organisation but not geek friends has the potential to be a very powerful way to connect with others.

Edit: I note in the admin information that Google+ is only available for higher education if you want to use it with Apps for Edu. It would be nice is expands to include high schools at some stage in the future.

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