Monday, October 31, 2011

Schools that astonish.

Derek Wenmoth has a thought-provoking blog post over here with a great video of Stephen Heppell talking about how students should find schools, "the physical spaces, “astonishing”, and be “wow-ed” by them as places that stimulate, engage and excite them to learn."

A second thing that has me thinking about innovation is John Key's announcement that the partial sale of our energy assets is going to fund more innovative schools in New Zealand. I thought it appropriate to showcase a few of the stunning schools being built at the moment, within the existing Ministry of Education building programme. These are schools that astonish.

Amesbury School in Churton Park, Wellington, NZ
"Amesbury School is a new decile 10, year 1-6 school in Churton Park, Wellington. The school will open on February 1st 2012."

Hingaia School, Auckland, NZ
"We are a state Y0-8 school opening in February 2012 for all year levels."

Stonefields School, Auckland, NZ
"Stonefields School is a learning organisation that designs learning to cause learning for each learner. It is a place that is committed to building the necessary knowledge and competencies for students to thrive and succeed in learning and life. The School, opened on 3rd February 2011, and is located at the centre of the Stonefields development. The School has a supportive and encouraging community."

Albany Senior High School, Auckland, NZ
This is our school. While this video focuses on the school in general, there is quite a bit of time dedicated to the learning spaces:

Ormiston Senior College
"Ormiston Senior College is one of New Zealand's newest and most forward-thinking senior high schools. We cater for Year 11-13 students (generally aged 15-18 years old). The students are firmly at the heart of our school. We are focused on preparing and inspiring them to achieve their very best in a global society. Although academic excellence is our key focus, we are also striving to develop and hone their skills socially, culturally (through sports, art, culture) and globally so that they are able to reach their full potential across a wide range of subjects and interests."

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  1. One more school you need to add to the list is Remarkables Primary School down in Queenstown which just opened last year right on the lakefront. Beautiful place with a green roof with a really innovative design. Well worth checking out: