Friday, December 16, 2011

EDvent Calendar: Day 17 (Cyber safety)

One of the best internet safety organisations in the world is New Zealand's Here's a quick run-down of some of the best tools they offer:

  1. In festive spirit, they've released their own Advent Calendar with 24 great tips on staying safe online:
  2. Hector's world: "Hector’s World® is a unique cybersafety initiative for teachers and parents to help young people learn about safe online practices and digital citizenship. The core content of Hector’s World® is the 7 animated episodes featuring Hector the dolphin and his friends. Each episode has support material for teachers and parents."
  3. Scam Machine: "[The Scam Machine] lets you build a news story based around someone you know, putting them at the centre of a online scam story. Once you have made your selections, added some information, you can watch the story unfold on video, with your friend right in the thick of it. Share the video news story to educate friends and family about how easy it is to fall for requests to send money offshore by wire transfer."

...and a couple of videos that can be used with older students to help educate them on the dangers of posting online.
Think before you post: 

Out of your hands:

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