Friday, December 23, 2011

EDvent Calendar: Day 24 (Leadership)

I've saved the best gift until last. Here's a chance to change someone's life. In April 16-17 2012, we're holding the second annual NZ Emerging Leaders' Unconference. It's a chance to get together everyone who wants to make a difference in education.

What is an unconference?
It's a participant-driven event. Rather than inviting people to attend a conference where everything has been decided by others in advance (the speakers, the content, the timetable, the spaces etc.) an unconference emerges out of the strengths and interests of the people who attend. If you want to lead a session, you write it up and people attend. It sounds a bit chaotic, but works brilliantly.

We recognise that letting the Principals do all the talking is only one approach to leadership. Another approach is to harness the wisdom of everyone, build on their ideas and collectively take them to the world.

Leading, not following.

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  1. Thanks heaps Mark for this EDvent calendar! It's been an informative, varied and really enjoyable read. Now that Christmas has come, enjoy a festive drink, cheers!