Tuesday, December 20, 2011

EDvent Calendar: Day 20 (Unconference)

Try an unconference in your school. Here's a good example of the way they create new things: we ran an unconference/barcamp with our staff to share knowledge and expertise. I spoke about it at the Emerging Leaders' Edu Ignite Evening, emphasising the way it shifted teacher professional development from a passive to an active process:

Ignite Talk | Mark Osborne from Emerging Leaders on Vimeo.

Tara T-J was in the audience (and speaking as well) and decided she should run one for her students. Great idea. She and Tim Kong bounced a few ideas around on Twitter and set up two similar experiences for their classes at opposite ends of the island; both being great successes.

In Tara's class, students were teaching each other how to sketch, change a bicycle tyre, play guitar, dance and do BMX jumps, but what they were really teaching each other is that everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner.

So what did the students think?
  • It was really fun and you feel really proud of your self for teaching people something that they didn't know.
  • I found it hand when people started to do their own thing sometimes and go off task.
  • Next time I would probably ask for less amount of people so its easier.
  • I learnt that teaching is harder than you would think.

in Tim's class, a similarly wide range of topics were taught. Here's some more student reflection from Seatoun School's barcamp, but you get a better sense of what's happening by watching this student-led dance class:

Barclass: Hiphop warmups from Seatoun School on Vimeo.

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